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#sweatlodge TONIGHT!! 6.4.14 @elrio we play last 11PM come get weird / #sf #lofi #noise #punk #garage #shows #sanfrancisco (at San Fransisco)

#sweatlodge tonight June 3rd @moco gallery / 371 17th St, #Oakland, CA / get weird in da eastbay #lofi #punk #noise ALL AGES 8PM (at UC Berkeley)

My band #sweatlodge tonight @ DNA Lounge Deli Magazine Showcase w/ #asthma //// Sweat Lodge: Sweat Lodge’s #lo-fi #punk assault is a welcome addition to the #Oakland history of chaotic wild men (and women) making music to dance to — or at least stare uncomfortably down at your tapping toes as others bop and thrash. Adam, Rachel, and Rocky make noisy tunes bordering on intense that are the perfect backdrop to summer day drinking in your backyard, when you think your neighbors might call the cops — jittery but fun. They have a song called “Throw Rocks,” which pretty much sums up the type of #DIY ethos you can expect from the three piece. Heavy drums, alternative/90s style guitar noodlings, and a distorted vocal performance are mainstays of the trio’s sound. “IDK” sounds pretty close to Pavement territory, but updated for the new era of tape loving garage enthusiasts living in the Tumblr age. If there’s a deeper sense of ennui lurking beneath these short and sweet rock noise numbers, it may take repeated listens to locate — or the pleasure of a live show. Sweat Lodge is the type of noisy band that can affront the more sensitive types, and get all up in the audience, causing both frenzy and a little terror a la thrash metalers of old. Not bad for a band of #fuzzy #garage rockers. (at San Franciso Ca)

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Misfits/Marlyn / Sweat Lodge (Weird Planet)

Wayne coyne bitting a sweat lodge tape #rad #flaminglips

Really Old Olympia Beer

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Adam Lynn 2014

I cant turn this up loud enough <3 BIG HUGE (NYC)

- I had so much fun with these guys at SXSW

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Making #sweatlodge shirts #diy #art #sf #punk @ri2s_arms @nakaiyazzie (at Valley of the Sun United Way)

#sweatlodge #tour #sxsw #diy #traveling #bands #punk #sf #art #clouds #landscape #sky (at Heaven)

#sweatlodge #sxsw bikini bash contest #tx #punk #lofi #tour 3.14.14 #oakland #relatedrecords #texas #travel (at 99 Degrees)

#sweatlodge #sxsw last tapes soldout @majesticryan thank you #tour #travel #oakland #punk #sf (at Fatburger)

#sweatlodge @thestorkclub 6PM #oakland #sf #lofi #punk #diy 3.6.14 TOMORROW

My band Sweat Lodge is playing in Oakland in A week or something..

#Bropunk Craigslist Musician


-looking for serious people only
-looking for experienced musicians who love energized punk
-must have 5 years experience


Amebix, Destroy, Code13, Doom, Concrete Sox, Rudimentary Peni & Dystopia

If you want to hear all 11 tracks, text me your email address. I’ll send you the link. I have 2 projects running on the same link. One will say black metal and the other will say grind crust. The grind crust one is at the bottom”Umkaaaay!”

Some songs are more punk oriented while others may seem more sludgy, doomy, depressing and death metal. I have 11 guitar tracks that are not the best recording quality because my recording gear is ghetto>PG-48 mic hooked into an Acer one mini laptop.

It’s not an accurate reproduction of my sound. So if you don’t have head phones on while listening, it’ll sound like shit. Expect it to only work out of one ear too.

GUITAR: ESP LTD EXPLORER into 2 heads>Peavey/Kustom

Will not play anywhere without both amps side by side. No negotiating.

I use one day rentals for auditioning. If you already got a room? hooray! I can pay my share and have a car too.

IMPORTANT: I don’t do deathcore, nu-metal nor do I listen to it so if you listen to or play this kind of music, please don’t call. If you don’t like the above bands, don’t call. PLEASE don’t call me.

Other bands I listen to: Hellbastard, Utter Bastard, Fleas & Lice, Excruciating Terror, Extreme Noise Terror, Napalm Death, Benediction, His Hero Is Gone, Tragedy, (old) Morgion, (old) My Dying Bride, Asunder, Winter, Death, Autopsy, Abscess, Sentenced, Broken Hope, (old) Darkthrone, Old Funeral, Incantation, Dead Congregation, Disma, Evoken, Catacombs, Disembowelment, (old) Amorphis, Angelcorpse, Grave, Nihilist, Entombed, Dismember, Unleashed, Bestial Warlust, Bolt Thrower, Brujeria, Brutal Truth, Tiamat, Brutality, Cancer, (old) Immolation, The County Medical Examiners, General Surgery, Kaamos, Dead Infection, Death Breath, Demilich, Rotten Sound, Massacre, Morbid Angel, and many others. I love old school doom metal too. Bands like Candlemass and Trouble and Black Sabbath.

Other Requirements
-have $20 for studio time/audition time if you don’t already have a room
-have own transportation
-carry own equipment
-be 25 and older
-not flake out
-reply to phone calls and text messages with in 24hrs

I’m confused about what kind of vocals will sound right since I don’t even know what the drums and bass will sound like and my guitar tracks might not even be recognizable once we’re done with the editing.

Go ahead and sing about the usual shit:
-downfall of the human race
-crumbling of western civilization
-war, uprisings, militias and terrorism
-the endless list of broken promises by world leaders to help us and fix the unemployment problem
-sleep disorders
-government mindcontrol
-the pyramid of wealth>capitalism/class/racial/cultural clashes
-clashes between political factions within the (left) and clashes between extreme left and right
-liberal left hypocrisy when it comes to liberal warmongers in the white house
-the illusion of hope for a better world
-virtual and technological enslavement
-selling out
-the dumbing down of the masses through media entertainment, sports, mtv, video games & internet
-mindless consumers and workers.
-protecting, building and financing a criminal empire through everyday human activity
-the expiration of logic and reason

-You must tune to me. I’m tuned to G# C# F# B Eflat G# No negotiating
-Must have proper gauge strings
-Must know how to tune on your own
-Must have an 8x10 cab preferably AMPEG SVT w/ AMPEG SVT MATCHING HEAD
-NO SMALL RIGS PLEASE! I’ve got 8 12” speakers pushing air by 2 guitar heads. I need insane amount of power from bassist so that things will sound heavy when I play on the low end of the guitar fretboard.

-Must have better than average drums
-Must have drums in better than average condition; nothing can be broken
-Must know how to blast beat for 20 seconds minimum
-Must know how to double kick for 20 seconds minimum
-Must know how to do abrupt breaks/stops in between songs
-Must know how to play variations of d-beat
-Must know how to do groovy beats to groovy riffs
-Must know how to do odd time signature drumming

This thing is constantly being updated.