First of all: Awesome mixtape. I'm loving it. Second, you'd probably like Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin (two good songs being 'You Make the Sun Fry' and 'Apathy' respectively.)

Rad man glad you like it

Yeah, his death by suicide is almost expected. Not that I wished death upon Robin Williams or anything, but it seems like many comedians are incredibly depressed. I'm actually surprised more famous actors haven't killed themselves, whatta stressful life!

It’s a hard life trying to impress everyone.

I recorded this song today. catchy bedroom pop

sign my name away
we do it all the time
coming down again, I tried
give it all away
sayin oh hell no
Im not down in this town
thinking of you the same

By Adam Lynn

Happy Birthday

this shit go

Do I have everything?

It’s nice to see who wears the stuff I make #swag

waste of time

Last #sweatlodge show tonight in Oakland @ 9PM last chance bro.

Last show as sweat lodge 8.9.14 The Legionnaire Saloon 2272 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, California 94612 

Sweat lodge is a corporation now. x-everything,

San Pedro El Cortez

If your thing is to get famous get out there play shows go on tour. Here’s King Krule when he was 14. Its gonna take time guys refine your craft let down your guard be sincere. Its all about love not some name or money.

King Krule - Out Getting Ribs


Click the link to download

Coachwhips - Get Your Body Next To Mine
Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston - Happy Talk
Meat Market - B E BBQ
The Younger Lovers - Ballad Of A Stubborn Men
Surf Curse - Heathers
San Pedro El Cortez - Poder Crudo
Twin Peaks - Stand in the Sand
The Tambo Rays - Doubt
Twin Steps - Son of Sam
Thee Oh Sees - The Dream
The Mumlers - Whale Song
The Orwells - Let it Burn
Ty Segall - Girlfriend
Max_LeRoy - Brush me off
Beekeepers - Shut in
The Shrills - Redhead
Twin Step - Junkie Song
Ten In The Swear Jar - Helsabot
The Great Fake - Bowser The hero Koopa (RIP SETH)
Jordan Dally - Untitled
Oliva Tremor Control - Jumping Fences
Blue Moon
Donkey Lips - Telephone Heat
Fleetwood Mac Dre

-If you would like a real MIXTAPE Please PAYPAL 6 dollars to with your address and I will get one out too you ASAP

Gutter dill off the 101 #bayboy #hotboy


Rocky, from Sweatlodge, rocking a house party in the Mission. For his solo, he cranked up his guitar and sent it crowdsurfing through the audience. The whole show was dope.